During this period an updated research paper was prepared to be handed over the Ministry of Justice for Law reforms. The research was concentrated on the amendments required to the Civil Procedure Code on the reception of affidavit evidence, joint work of Mr. Ruwan Fernando, High Court Judge and A. Marikkar, High Court Judge after participating a seminar on Commercial Litigation held in Australia.

The research has recommended that the use of affidavit evidence for examination-in-chief instead of viva voce examination-in-chief should be introduced in Sri Lanka as I would save a substantial amount of court time, reduce costs, encourage settlements and expedite legal proceedings.  The research has also suggested necessary safeguards to be taken when such affidavit evidence is introduced instead of examination-in-chief. The research has also considered as to why affidavit evidence should be introduced by way of an amendment to the Civil Procedure Code instead of taken of consent.

The research also finds that the introduction of affidavit evidence for examination-in-chief would not affect at all the legal profession but would increase its performance as it required a comprehensive preparation before the date of the trial.

Judges’ Training Manual

For the first time in the history of the Judges’ Institute, a comprehensive training Module has been prepared at the request of the UNDP. It contains training courses, training contents, training methods and training curriculum in detail. After obtaining the approval of the Board of Management of the Judges’ Institute, the training Module will be published in June 2013. 

  • Civil Procedure Code Amendment Affidavit Evidence - download 
  • Report on the new tool for managing evidence in civil bench trials in Sri Lanka - download

Law Reports

  • Final Civil Procedure Code (Amendments) on Judicial Case Management - SLJI amendments - 2015 - download 
  • Final Civil Procedure Code (Amendments) – Ministry text with SLJI amendments - 2015 - download


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